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  • Powerful JavaScript compression
  • CSS rule reduction
  • File renaming
  • Extension removal
  • White space removal

Your Web site users want speed, and you want a more secure site that is cheaper to deliver. Inefficient JavaScript, pretty markup, and even white space won't help you achieve this. Non-optimized files waste precious bandwidth, forcing users to wait longer, and make your hard work that much easier to steal by viewing source! Stop wasting time researching all the tricks to trim the fat and obfuscate your code properly like Google, Yahoo!, and other major sites do -- optimize your Web application automatically and easily with w3compiler.

5 Reasons to Crunch Your Code
  1. 1
    Save bandwidth
  2. 2
    Save money
  3. 3
    Speed up page loads
  4. 4
    Discourage source sifting
  5. 5
    Eliminate hand optimization
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