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w3compiler 1.1
Powerful Markup and JavaScript Optimization for Faster & Safer Sites
A Compiler for Web Sites
Functioning more like a traditional programming language compiler than a mere white space remover, w3compiler optimizes all or selected
(X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, CFM, and PHP files in your site. This software tool removes redundant structures from your code before you load files on the server -- creating optimized, exact duplicates of your pages ready for fast delivery and rendering on any Web browser.

w3compiler Works the Way Developers Work
Code in your non-optimized, developer-friendly markup and script, and then when you are done with edits, let the tool automatically optimize the changes and deploy them in your target Web server directory. w3compiler fully mirrors your site, picking up all required files for deployment, making site optimization a natural final step before launching new pages.

Safe & Powerful Markup and Style Optimization
Feed w3compiler your perfect XHTML and that's what your optimized targets will be: perfect XHTML. No broken pages from removing DTD statements, quotes, or swapping tags. Feed it less than stellar markup, and your pages still won't break! w3compiler employs safe compression techniques, always erring on the side of caution. Of course, you can verify your work after code optimization -- side-by-side visual and code comparison tools and markup validation are only a click away.

Real JavaScript Compression Today
w3compiler offers the best JavaScript optimization on the market today. The JavaScript compilation used in w3compiler employs a complete JavaScript parser, so variables, functions, objects, and redundant syntax are all reduced to minimal form automatically and safely! Other obfuscators and compressors will ruin all but the simplest code, while the w3compiler is so syntax-aware that it won't even break sloppy code with intermittent semicolon usage and other common errors.

Advanced Features with Room to Grow
w3compiler provides an extensible framework for site-wide optimizations. Version 1.1 not only optimizes HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, CFM, and JavaScript files, but you can make sites smaller and more secure by renaming CSS, JS, and multimedia files not seen in URLs to minimal form. The tool easily strips or modifies file extensions within HTML files, allowing developers to enable persistent, negotiable "clean URLs" using Port80's IIS server module, PageXchanger. Future versions will support even more functionality, including dynamic page compilation and full ASP.NET support. w3compiler is the perfect platform for your development deployment needs now and in the future.

For full performance optimization on the Windows Web server side, make sure to try httpZip for HTTP compression & acceleration and CacheRight for cache control management for developers as well.

  • Save bandwidth & money:
    • Reduces file sizes 10-30% for common (X)HTML, HTML and CSS files (1.5 X faster)
    • Further reduces file sizes by 20-60% for JavaScript (2.5 X faster)
    • Compression rates as high as 90% in tested real world pages! (10 X faster)

  • Speed up your site & make your users happy
  • Secure your code: Protect against hacker source sifting with less transparent JavaScript, file names, and optimized markup and style sheets
  • Safe: Preserves your hard work by employing reliable code optimization that recognizes common Web standards such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP
  • Part of your work flow: Works with common Web development best practices using staging and production sites
  • Simple & powerful: Eases deployment tasks by copying entire or selected sites
  • Check your code visually: Delivers verifiable optimization through dashboard metrics and side-by-side preview interface

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