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w3compiler is a code optimization tool for Web developers that reduces Web page size safely, protects intellectual property in source code itself, lowers bandwidth costs and speeds up page loads by sending less data to Web browsers. The tool preps workhorse files like (X) HMTL, CSS, and JavaScript, and also streamlines ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, and PHP files for optimal delivery. Producing code safe for any browser, tested on thousands of sites, and already used by hundreds of companies, w3compiler is the most advanced code optimization tool on the market.

  • Safe optimization of Web sites
    • Optimizes HTML, JavaScript, ASP, ColdFusion, and PHP (new!) files
    • Also works with (X)HTML and CSS files
    • Does not harm existing files
    • Roll-back feature restores any optimized file to its original form
    • Conservative optimization to insure code and markup quality is preserved

  • Useful byte-shaving improvements for markup and style
    • Smart white space and comments reduction
    • Color remapping and entity reduction
    • META tag management

  • True JavaScript code optimization
    • Shorten long, user-defined variables, functions, and objects
    • Remapping of long, built-in JavaScript object names
    • Other code optimization and byte-shaving features
    • Improved safety with local-function-only renaming option

  • Control of file exclusions and associations for optimization (new!)
    • Easily exclude specific files and/or directories
    • Associate compressible file types with arbitrary extensions

  • Unique advanced site preparation features
    • Rename image, CSS, and JavaScript files for smaller and more secure sites
    • File extension removal for content negotiation option

  • Compiler-style framework with project files
    • Save common settings
    • Recent projects interface list for quick recall (new!)
    • Selectively compress based upon changes
    • Full or selective optimization and deployment of files
    • Fully configurable with advanced options
    • Full statistics and logging of projects
    • Extensible framework allows addition of new features

  • Internal preview and comparison system
    • Visually preview original and optimized pages side-by-side
    • Code comparison allows easy comparison of before and after code

  • Integration with online validation services
  • External editor and browser integration
    • Edit and view optimized and non-optimized pages in your favorite editor
    • Preview any page in an external Web browser of your choice

  • Multiple interfaces for multiple uses
    • Fully configurable and easy-to-use GUI interface
    • Command line interface for integration with editors and batch optimization scripts

  • Simple install/uninstall process
  • Low resource footprint

System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • 64MB of RAM Minimum
  • Available disk space directly or on network for copy of site

Pricing & Purchasing

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